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Fat-Shamed at the Doctor Yesterday

So yesterday I went to my first appointment with a new psychiatrist. My old psychiatrist moved out of state, so they set me up with a resident.

So I go in and we have the usual intake where she goes over my old doc's notes, as well as notes from my counselor (who is in the same practice). We discuss how well my meds are working or not, we cover my chronic conditions that can affect depression, did some assessment worksheets for depression and anxiety, the usual.


We also covered the major stressors in my life right now (full-time job, two classes this semester trying to graduate in December, the shit storm at work since my boss wanted me out last Friday, etc.).

I take Adderall for my sleep disorder, and my old psych doc was the one prescribing that. New doc had no problems with that. She wrote me a prescription for a refill. Then she said that she wanted to check my blood pressure since I'm on the Adderall. No problem.


We go into the room where the BP monitors are, and they have scales in the room too. She says she wants to get my weight too, since we're there. Again, I have no problem with this. It's a legit concern.

So I get on the scale and she notes my weight and then starts asking if I exercise. I told her I was too busy right now to work it in. She says that it'll help my energy and depression, etc.


Seriously? We just spent 45 minutes going over how stressful and busy and aggravating my life is right now, but once you weigh me you start going on about cramming some exercise in there? Bullshit!

I told her that while I would like to lose some weight (true btw), that dieting and finding time for exercise would just be one more thing to stress over and I don't need that right now. Then I said that I plan on starting something in January (also true) when things have calmed down.


That appeased her, she wrote down my BP (normal btw) and I checked out.

Now I know that exercise is great for energy and depression and all that, and I really wish I had the time. But I don't right now. I also don't need to start out every day with the intent to eat healthy and then get depressed because I'm eating comfort food by the end of the day. So why can't so many doctors get that?

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